About Us

Protecting the Law Since 1973

I am a veteran of the US Army, serving both active duty and a member of a reserve unit in the Special Forces (Green Berets), and did tours of duty in Korea. Congo, and Vietnam. Went to law school after that at GW University in Washington DC, and worked on Capitol Hill on staff of Congressman and then on a Congressional Committee. Have practiced law since 1973, and moved to Texas in 1981 with my first office at Killeen, outside of Ft Hood, and then in Dallas in 1985. I have specialized in personal injury since that time and have recovered millions of dollars for clients since that time. We also take cases for clients who need to solve debt or delinquent tax issues through the US Bankruptcy Court. We have recently added real estate litigation to our firm.

Our Philosophy


The Law Comes First

What makes America great is we have a great system of justice.  The law may be complicated but it comes first.


Honest Communication

We at Austin Campbell & Associates pride ourselves on honest, empowering service for our clients with good communication.


Committed to Excellence

We want the best for our clients through committed and excellence representation and service.

Personal Attention from an Experienced Attorney


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